How to use app full review

How to use app full review

How to use app full review

When you watch a video on Youtube, you may have seen the ad of your app many times, this app has become quite popular in today's time. Because this app has been downloaded by the 100 million people so far. And its popularity may also increase in the coming time. So you are required to go about the app. So in this post of today, we are going to tell you about the app that is the app and how it runs. After reading this post, there will not be anything in the app that you will not know. So let's app review
How to use app full review
How to use app full review

What is the app

This is a short video making an app with the help of which you can make a video of 15 seconds. The special thing is that this 15-second video can make you unique because you have been given a lot of features in it that help make your video look great and unique. In it, you can also edit the video after recording it together and can make your fan by uploading it inside the app. And if you can share and share social media Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, etc. evenly. It's very easy to save the video of the app in your phone's gallery

After making many videos of 15 second on the app, you can create a complete video by adding all those videos. In this, you get lots of songs inside it, just select one of the songs and you can create your own video using your mobile's rear or front camera and upload it inside a musical community.
How to use app full review
How to use app full review

How to create a account

Now it is a matter of how to make an account on the app, it is very easy to make friends account. First of all, you install it from google play store and after that, you open it as soon as you create an account, you are given two options.
In the first option, you can simply create your account by entering your mobile number and you can also create a new account by logging in to your Facebook, Instagram and Gmail account which you like best if you choose app Can create your account at

How to use 

The app is very easy to operate, its interface has been quite simple and easy. Its interface very much resembles Instagram. If you have already used Instagram then you will not have any problem to use it. you are given some options to use the app that you find below the bottom of this app, let's tell you somehow the app How to use app full review


clicking on the home icon, you get two more options, following and for me when you click on the following, you can see the video of the people you follow and click on for me Is she visible


clicking on this icon you can search for any person you want to find here and on this, you can find trending tags and categories.

Plus icon

After clicking on the Plus icon, you can record your 15-second video. And with him can upload to the app

Notification icon

After the Plus icon, you see another icon, which is the notification icon. Whenever someone like and comment when your video is uploaded then here you get the notification

Profile icon

In the last post, you've got the profile icon that you can click on to see information about your profile. And you can set your profile accordingly. As well as how many people follow you and how many people you follow, you can see from here

How to record video in app

Now you know what the app is and how to run it. Now it comes to how to create video, making friends on app is also very easy. Just follow the steps given below.
  • First, you have to click on the plus icon, after which a new screen opens. Where you can make a 15-second video
  • If you want to create a music video, then select Music by clicking on the music icon.
  • When you want to put a filter when you record a video, you can apply it to
  • If you want to give a special effect in the video then you can also give it from here
  • Now your video is ready for recording Now you can tap the red button between the screen or you can use the timer. After selecting the timer you will start recording your video.

How to apply for app Brand Ambassador Program

Apply for Brand Ambassador Program

We are looking for highly motivated and passionate brand ambassadors in the US to rep on their campus! We want you to be our next faces for the brand and spread the word about our platform.

How to use app full review
How to use app full review

So friends can make your video from a app like this. How to use app full review This is quite a fun app. If you have got bored with Facebook and WhatsApp, then this app can be a good option for you. One of the special features of this app is that you can also make it a duet video. You can also create videos by adding your video to another person's video. First, you have to find the video with which you want to make a duet video. And then you get an option, you can create a video by clicking on 'Start duet now'. Now you know what the app is and how it moves.
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