20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know

Friends today almost all of us are using android but still, 99% of peoples don't know this android function in the post we have told the  20 Secret Android Functions very useful Android Secret so please gays full red this post and make of easy life so guys lets get the start

20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know

1. Turn on Wi-Fi automatically Android Functions
20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know

 Keeping your Wi-Fi off whereas exiting and increasing the protection of your phone and keeping its battery safe. however within the presence of a robust, dependable Wi-Fi network, that you have got utilized in the past, Android 8.0 cookie will mechanically activate your phone's Wi-Fi. From Settings, faucet Network and net, then Wi-Fi, then Wi-Fi Preferences. Finally, flip the on/off switch on mechanically activate Wi-Fi.

 2. Android emoji mode Change
20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know

You can see emoji on the default Google Keyboard for mechanical man by the sound the Emoji button on the left facet of the key. however, did you recognize that you just will drag emoji with totally different skin colors or genders, pressing and holding on individual icons? It works on most emoji representational process folks or body elements, like thumb up.it's Secret Android Functions.

3. Help from Cortana Android

When it involves varied AI assistants, everybody features a favorite. If you favor Microsoft's digital assistant for Google Helper or Bixby, then you'll install Cortana for the robot. once you press the mouse button, you'll additionally build it the default app: visit Open Settings, Apps, and Notifications, then faucet Advanced, Default Apps, Assist and Voice Input, and Assist App.

4. Android to Text-to-speech

Not solely are you able to browse this text however if you've got associate degree humanoid device you'll conjointly hear it. thus if you prefer to listen to the incoming data rather than seeing it  Go to Settings -> Turn on Accessibility and Text-To-Speech Output options.

5. Hotspot mode  Functions

You need not get a separate 4G electronic equipment or a router to use the web on completely different devices  Go to settings -> Turn on Tethering and portable hotspot, and portable WLAN hotspot.


20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
If you choose a dark or dark background for your screen, automatic pixel highlighting will stop, and you will see that your device charges more. This feature is not yet available for all Android devices, but it is already applicable to most Samsung smartphones and tablets. Try it!


Chrome is that the most used internet browsers these days, however, will we create the foremost of it? particularly after you are off the grid? it is a foolproof plan once it involves an online page to a pdf. So before you leave, all of the gathered along. articles that you simply wish to scan and open it through Chrome currently you wish to go over to Share> Print then save the online page as PDF Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know


Starting with the most recent version automaton phones - the short settings menu. What does one do after you want it fast quick? ordinarily, a downward swipe brings down the primary notification drawer and so the short settings menu. To access it during a super quickly, the house screen on a downward swipe on your every finger. the short Settings menu and also the notification drawer is going to be obtainable during a trice


A common way to get out of Chrome in Chrome by pressing the Home button is to hold a bit - it closes the main app, but the tabs are still open when the tabs are manually closed. Last time I checked, I had more than 12 open tabs. So, how to easily see all open tabs, okay, Google apps are hidden in their sleeves. All you have to do is tap on the address bar and swipe down to see the list.


20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
When we make phone calls, 80% of the time is near our thumb power button, so the power button enables to end the call on the smartest move. Also, when you are watching a captivating cricket match and you can not take your eyes off the TV, this is the most convenient way to end the call.

11. PIN SCREEN Android Functions

My brother likes to spy on me, because of which he is best known (brother, sister, I tell you). Therefore, whenever I place my phone with him, I have to be very careful so that he can not open WhatsApp, or even for that matter, my social media app What do I do, I enable screen pinning, which makes it almost impossible for other applications to Within its Android operating system, a small feature called "Pin Windows" has been created, this feature allows you to pin special windows on your screen while locking your smartphone. 

Please note that in the Samsung Galaxy device, pin window option is required to be enabled. It can be found in other security settings menu.


20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
If you want to find something, add a reminder, set an alarm clock, and continue the list, most of us use the mic button on the Google search bar. But did you know him The voice detection feature can allow you to go hands-free on your device, all you would like to try and do is say ‘Ok Google’? Head over to Voice and faucet on the choice that suits you best. therefore the next time you say ‘Ok Google’ it'll get up and take count of your command.


Pattern lock on our smartphones does not work brilliantly because it prevents any unauthorized access and keeps the phone's data safe and secure. But what if a lost phone falls in the right hand, how do they know who to call? The owner's information can be the exact thing that can help you in such situations. It displays the name and contact number on the lock screen of your phone.


The condition is that there are many third-party apps that allow you to view the contents of the file of the phone memory, but if you are little on space and cannot go about installing a new app??Open Chrome Just type[ file: /// sdcard /] and all the phone contents - old & new - will display in an index form.


20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
smartphone - there is an Android device anywhere or the Apple steady is one - data is almost unused without connectivity, to spice things up a bit, running on Chrome browser (Chrome is a multi-dimensional personality). So whereas you sit up for the cellular network to return back, head over to Chrome and play the archosaurian reptile game. And, trust ME it’s demanding because it appears


Android devices are quicker than they wont to be, however, you'll create your expertise feel even zippier with one straightforward tweak. mechanical man contains a hidden developer choices menu that you just will change by going into your main system settings > then navigating to About> Software Information> More> Build number. Now tap on the build number-literally, tap on it The message confirms that you are a developer at the bottom of the 

screen This doesn’t build any modifications to your system. It simply activates the Developer choices menu back within the main settings list—so head back there and open it up. Developer choices include a ton of attention-grabbing options to mess around with, however, you'll conjointly mess things up pretty badly, therefore it’s best to not amendment something you haven’t completely researched. You’ve been warned!. Now in animation within the developer options, scroll over the drawing and find the window animation scale, the transition animation scale, and animation term scale. It is set to 1x by default. These animations are eye candy that you see when the apps open and close, menus are a drop down, and much more They help hide lag because the system catches up, however you don’t actually need slow settings on a quick device. you'll set all of those to zero.5x for a lot of snappy interface expertise.

17. Wi-Fi Direct for quick file transfers ANDROID

transferring files between devices is usually a touch annoying, however, options like automaton Beam build it easy: simply place 2 NFC-capable devices (Android four.1 or later) along, and you'll be able to transfer files over a Bluetooth link will. this is often a clean move, however, the transfer speed is capped by Bluetooth information measure, and also the file sort support is restricted. fortuitously, however, most automaton devices additionally support Wi-Fi Direct, even though Google's Stock app doesn't use it. Secret Android Functions
Wi-Fi Direct is exactly as it seems: a protocol that can make two devices via Wi-Fi. To use this you just need an app, and there are many in Google Play.SuperBeam is perhaps the foremost powerful, and it's a free version. to induce a transfer going, you only share files to Super Beam (or no matter app you’ve chosen to use) and faucet phones. Wi-Fi Direct permits you to queue multiple files in a very single operation and therefore the transfer rate will simply exceed thirty Mbps. It’s fabulous for sharing massive videos or pictures.


Settings currently have its own dedicated search bar. whereas this might look like a really minor addition, it’s truly an excellent timesaver once you grasp specifically what you’re when. as an example, let’s say you wish to vary your network settings, however, you don’t grasp wherever to seem. simply head to settings and rummage around for “network” and you’ll notice what you would like nearly instantly. this is often in an exceedinglyll|one amongst|one in every of} several neat very little options in Lollipop that actually helps to extend potency in a straightforward and intuitive approach19. Activate your own dark theme. Secret Android Functions
Android candy abandoned the dark theme for currently, however, there’s still how to form your own in-house dark themeSettings> Accessibility> Inverted Rendering to get the dark theme

20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know
20 Secret Android Functions 99% of Users Don’t Know


The text-to-speech output is another easy small tool that makes hands-free conversations much easier. I save many articles on my mobile phone for offline reading, but I am very busy and I do not always have the time to sit and read. That's why I use text-to-speech features to tell stories, while I'm doing things around cooking or home Go to  Settings> Accessibility> Text to speech output and make sure you have the language pack installed.


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