why Flying Drones in India illegal

Friends, today we will talk about Drones, yes there is a drone who is photographed in the sky and taken photographs/ photos/videos below. And it looks quite fun to see all of this. But is Drone flying in India legal ?? So today we will talk about why it has started blowing, why does the government refuse? And if you do this then you can be in trouble.
With the help of Brother Drone or Aerial Vehicle, people can see the land/area above.
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why Flying Drones in India illegal
why Flying Drones in India illegal

Draft Policy for Operations of Drones
why Flying Drones in India illegal
why Flying Drones in India illegal

Guideline 2, 2016: Government authorities said that you can not blow a drone anywhere in India, especially in the public place, and this is Illegal. And if you do this and brother complains to someone, then you can be in jail, yes, yes, absolutely right. If you want to fly the drone for a different purpose then you have to get a permit for it.

Buying and Selling of Drones in India

It is illegal to fly a drone, but there is no problem in buying it. Drones will easily find you online at the website. And the Indian government has imposed restrictions on the request of drone from another country

Registration of Drones
why Flying Drones in India illegal
why Flying Drones in India illegal

Drones are considered to be aircraft. 3 (7) Aircraft Rules' 1937 is also applicable to it. And Rule 30 says that the aircraft which executes the following things will get the registration certificate:

The aircraft belongs to the Indian people. And its registered office will be in India. If a company is registered outside of India, they can also register their own aircraft by the Indian government. Or a person who is not a citizen of India but if he has a drone or wants to do business then he can also register

Central Government Can Issue The Certificate of Registration

Central Government can give the certificate of registration. The central government can decide when it will remain valid.

Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit

The process of UIN is a bit heavy for which you have to follow:
You must have Character Verification from the nearest local police station. After that, you need the UAF for the Radio Frequency Use from the Indian Telecom Department. After drone and register, take the Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit (UAOP)

Following documents need to be submitted

You need to take a permit from the defense air force. And from where you will blow a drone, you have to get permission from the owner in that place. And the training details of Drone who is flying may also be sought. And then and the Indian Security Department It is also necessary to take permissions from. Meaning, Bhaiya take so many permissions, while a person does not become old. Haha and how soon the government work is done, you also know well. Haha
So brother, after all doing this, the drone owner will get the permit to blow it, that too will be limited to just 2 years

Flight Limit
why Flying Drones in India illegal
why Flying Drones in India illegal

If the Drone owner has to fly it over 200 feet then he will have to take a permit from DGCA. And if your work has been canceled then you will also have to tell DGCA. And if you are flying below 200 feet, you can get permissions from Local Municipal Office.
If you are blowing a drone of no permissions, then you may find it a case of a case under Indian Penal Code 1980 Section 188, 287 and 336 

Flaws in the Guidelines

Guys, You Can Blow The Drone Above Your Own Roof But There Is Some Limit On This
So friends will say only that much brother how many permissions? I was stunned myself. Haha let's be seen with a security point of view, it is also good because many people abuse it too. And sometimes it is used in Criminal Activities too. So let's do the best thing. And the rest you're okay





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why Flying Drones in India illegal

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